Velkommen hjem

Vi hjælper jer med at få det helt rigtige fritidshus

Jubiii – vi skal i sommerhus!

Få et fritidshus, der matcher hele familien

AN Fritidshuse has several years of experience in advising on and building holiday homes, ie summer homes and allotment homes. But what is the perfect holiday home or holiday home for you?

Yes, it is a house that suits your needs and finances 100%.
At the same time, the house must match the garden, and a good location on the plot must be chosen, so that you get maximum enjoyment from your new house in the green.

And then there is the economy. With AN Holiday Homes, you have the option of choosing whether we will be responsible for the entire construction of the house, or whether you want to save close to half the money via 'Medbyg'. Then we take care of everything on the outside, while you yourself are responsible for the interior of the house.
It just requires that you have the time for the project, the tools and preferably no more than two thumbs.

Try our unique design yourself option here on the website. Here you can choose exactly how the house should look, both the facades and the floor plan.



Slip for byggebøvl - det klarer vi

Vi tager os af alt det byggetekniske og diverse godkendelser, men vi clearer naturligvis alt med jer – bygherren bestemmer!

Ønsker I mere information om et nybygget fritidshus?

Så kontakt os på eller tlf. +45 71 96 96 14.